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About Sport Bar Buffalo*99


    7 Rishelievskaya Street, Odessa city

    Sport Bar Buffalo*99 has the most favorable location in the city, giving you an opportunity to enjoy  the most beautiful and picturesque corners and views of hospitable Odessa just on the way out from our lovely venue, including such place like the Opera House or Monument dedicated to Alexander Pushkin which is more like his shadow standing  at the crossroads of Deribasovskaya and Rishelievskaya streets!

    We are being visited by many famous people: domestic stars, such as Tina Karol, visitors from abroad, like incendiary Vaya Con Dios, as well as one of the most talented actors of our time Tim Rot! We are glad to see every visitor, because everyone who is paying a visit to us is the most expensive guest for us. 

    So many men, so many minds - we remember this truth that is why we are doing our best in order to please everyone - in our venue you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere during the day, which facilitates business meetings during a business lunch, and in the evening - An incendiary atmosphere will help you to plunge into the world of entertainment or sport. 
    Our waiters will help you to make the right choice of dish and will be happy to answer any question. 
    If you want to spend time enjoying perfectly prepared dishes, the right choice of drinks and also good and discreet service, then never doubt it for an instant - Buffalo * 99,   7 Rishelyevskaya Str.   - this is the place where you will find these all, and even more! 

    Buffalo * 99 – the cuisine: 
    First of all, we specialize in American cuisine - a wide choice of various dishes of North American cuisine, the best assortment of burgers and sandwiches, an excellent choice of beer and strong spirits for the most demanding taste. 
    In addition, you can enjoy dishes of Ukrainian, Russian and traditional Odessa cuisine. 
    We open at 8 am, so we will gladly feed you breakfast. Delicious and nutritious breakfast, as well as a cup of aromatic coffee, will help you boost your energy level and a good mood for the whole day!  
    Craft beer lovers can try the beer range of Troubadour Brewery. Also you can order Italian and Mexican snacks, beer snacks, salads, sausages, fish and seafood dishes, meat and vegetables. Breakfast and lunch menu In Buffalo * 99  constantly updating with new dishes and specialties, we are also glad to offer you branded brunches available on weekends. And some culinary delight for sweet lovers: we offer the best desserts that were invented on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean.  
    Bon Appetit!  

    Specialty: Buffalo steak (grilled beef steak with spices and thin slice of bacon, served with potatoes-allumette)

    Interior: In winter there are two halls at your service: one on the first and one on the second (each one is designed to accommodate 65 people). Each hall is equipped with 3 screens for broadcasting of sports events as well as significant world events. The abundance of wood in the design of our halls creates a feeling of reliability and coziness – the dark wood of panels on the walls and stairs pleasantly pleases the eye with a rich deep color and balances the presence of sporting details in décor. Such thing like boredom is simply extrinsic in our facility due to many small and lovely nuances in interior, like a wall with some entries of our customers for instance. 
    During the summer period our summer terrace for up to 150 visitors will definitely come to your liking - comfortable tables and cozy sofas are waiting for you! And again, some add-ons: Two screens for those who want to be aware of the world sporting events and show business news.


    Wellcome to Buffalo*99!


    Last food and drink orders are 10 minutes prior to closing time.
    Call or Book Online your table any time, day or night!
    We accept Ukrainian hryvnia for payments as well as major cards including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

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